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[Janus-3] PIE.10016.10015 Update
2019-05-28     5948 view
파일첨부 :
Dear Customers

The following information have been updated on 28th May, 2019.

1. Image Analysis page has been complemented to make it easier for the user to use it
- It is possible to measure the pictures you see on Image Record page.

2. Add Modify button to prevent double customer registration on Customer Information page.

3. The funtion to select updates automatically/manually in your preferences has been added. (Default Options : Automatic)
- Skip can be done while the update is running.

4. Complementing face recognition function
- the analysis area has been modified so that it does not fall out of the face when analyzing multiple times
- the perception of jaw line has been complemented

5. Adding multiple funtions
- symmetrical face pop-up button in the composite results has been added
- Redness page in comparison analysis has been added

Other bugs have been fixed.

We wish you all the best with JANUS

Thank you
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