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[Janus-3] PIE.10014.10013 Update
2019-03-13     4899 view
파일첨부 :
Dear Customers

The following information have been updated on 13th March, 2019.

1. Program Shooting/Analysis Speed Improvement.
- To improve an image saving speed after the shooting.
- To analyze a speed improvement for the Total Result.

2. Automatic Face Recognition function improvement
- To reduce an error when area is set automatically by face recognition.

3. The new Janus-Pro Mobile App Launching
- The Janus-Pro app with the white icon now stops and has released the new Janus-Pro app with a new green icon.
- Search for 'Janus-Pro' in the Google Store and download the app with the green icon.
(You can also click the android icon on QR Code and download the new Janus app on the after a skin analysis.)

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

We wish you all the best with JANUS

Thank you
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